KaTid Svenska AB gives you, as a professional,
tools to investigate how to support
children, youths and adults with disabilities
to improve time management in daily life.

Time processing ability

Many children, adolescents and adults have difficulties with time processing. Time processing ability is a cognitive function, wich includes time perception, time orientation and time management. Read more…

Daily time management

In our everyday life, we relate to time in most things we do. Difficulties with time processing may lead to problems managing time in everyday life i.e. problems with daily time management. Daily time management answer questions like: When? For how long? What time? Read more…


Knowledge and the right help can facilitate both development and everyday functioning. We offer a course about assessment of time processing ability and time management in daily life. Read more abour our courses and lectures.


The instrument kit for assessing time processing ability, KaTid, has a manual and is evidence-based. The material is available in several versions based on age and level of functioning. The material is purchased in conjunction with the KaTid course. Read more about the instrument KaTid®.

“The instrument has really been very useful in my work, in addition to the fact that I myself have learned a lot about time processing ability, I think I have a much better dialogue with my patients and can better explain and give advice on daily time management.

occupational therapist Annelie Nord

We at KaTid Svenska AB are driven by the development of clinically useful knowledge, methods for assessment and intervention. We are passionate about sharing this knowledge with colleagues, both nationally and internationally. Read more about us…