About KaTid AB

We at KaTid Svenska AB are driven by the development of clinically useful knowledge, methods for assessment and intervention. We are passionate about sharing this knowledge with colleagues, both nationally and internationally. 

We established our company in 2009, after we had completed our Master degrees. Within our Master thesis we developed a material for assessing time processing ability in children, KaTid®-Barn (KaTid®-Child), which we tested with 61 typically developing six-year-olds. We had a vision of developing a material that would be useful for the children we met at our habilitation center, as we realised that many of our clients had difficulties with time processing ability and daily time management.

After the development of Swedish KaTid®-Barn, which we tested in research on children 5-10 years old with and without disabilities, we continued to develop KaTid®-Ung (KaTid®-Youth) for people aged 10-17 years old. We started marketing the material and training professionals in time processing ability, daily time management and using the KaTid® material, in collaboration with the Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists.

Continued research and development of the material and intervention are ongoing. We have translated the material to English, and several other lanuages are in progress. We are currently in the final stages of development of two more materials; KaTid®-Adult, which is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities from the age of 18, and KaTid®-Senior, which is aimed at elderly with dementia (14). We continue to train and certify new KaTid® raters. Soon we will be offering KaTid® training online in English.

In recent years, we have developed contacts abroad. We are in contact with researchers in several countries for further development of the KaTid® material for other populations. Soon both the material and the training will be available in English as well as other languages. Today KaTid® is a registered tradmark. If you are interested in translating some of the instruments to your language, please contact us for more information.

About us

Gunnel Janeslätt

Founder and co-owner of the company KaTid Svenska AB. Works in a Habilitation Center, in Region Dalarna in Sweden, since 1986 and has been involved in various projects. Defended the thesis “Time for time; assessment of time processing ability in children with and without disabilities ” 2009, at Karolinska Institutet. Researcher at the Center for Clinical Research in Dalarna and is associated with the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences at Uppsala University. Engaged in creating an ISO standard for DTM (15). Gives lectures and conducts research on time processing ability, daily time management and intervention for children, adolescents and adults with lack of time management in daily life.

Iréne Alderman

Founder and co-owner of the company KaTid Svenska AB. Special teacher and IT educator. Master’s degree with a focus on Children: health – development – learning – intervention. Participated in establishing the childrens computer play center “datatek” in Region Dalarna in Sweden. Been active as a coordinator for special teachers within the Habilitation Center. Worked as a special teacher in child, youth and adult habilitation, as an IT educator and participated in parent education in the area of ACC. Now retired, but the involvement in KaTid Svenska AB is still active and includes being a educator on our KaTid® training.

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