Ongoing researchprojects

Project: Managing time with dementia
“Managing time with dementia – Effects of time assistive products on time processing ability, daily time management and well-being in people with dementia.” Swedish-Indian-Japan research on ageing and health with funding from Forte, Dnr 2017-00029. Gunnel Janeslätt, Region Dalarna is Principal Investigator for the project. The project includes cooperation with KIDS i.e. KI & Danderyds hospital; Monika Löfgren PhD, Marika Möller PhD and doctoral student Ann-Christine Persson, OT (reg). At Dalarna University, professor Kevin McKee, assistant professor Lena Dahlberg and Johan Borg PhD, are co-researchers. In India Professor Sebestina Anita Dsouza, Head of Department of Occupational Therapy, Manipul University, is project leader. In Japan Yuko Nishiura, PhD, OT(reg) is project leader and Takenobu Inoue, PhD at Research Institute and in Tokorozawa, Japan is co-researcher. A first scientific article was published and a randomized controlled study is ongoing. Trained Occupational therapists at memory clinics in Sweden contributes in the project. (14)

Project: Support in Time
“Development and evaluation of an intervention in time processing ability and daily time management in preschool children with and without cognitive disabilities” Funding from CKF in Dalarna. Doctoral student Sara Wallin Ahlström OT(reg), professor Lena Almqvist is main supervisor, Gunnel Janeslätt, assistant professor Catharina Gustavsson and Maria Harder PhD, are also supervisors and contribute in this project. One feasibility article is submitted and a RCT-study is ongoing

Project: RCB-study
“Conversational support and the ”Real Care Baby” simulator – a way to informed choice of adulthood in individuals with intellectual disability?” Research group: Gunnel Janeslätt with co-researchers assistant professor Margareta Larsson, assistant professor Berit Höglund, Eva RandellPhD, Patrik ArvidssonPhD, Rose-Marie Berglund special teacher, Lydia Springer MSc, psychologist. The aim of this project is to evaluate the use of a conversational toolkit ”Children – what does it involve” ( and a RealCare Baby (RCB) simulator among students with ID. A pilot study and a interviews of the students are published, interviews of teachers submitted and a randomized controlled study is ongoing. This research has initiated a new project “My adult life” with the aim to further develop and digitalize the conversation material including material about time, is ongoing. (16, 17)

Project: Let´s get organized
“Let´s get organized – intervention to improve time management and organization skills in adults with cognitive impairment”. Project leader is professor Marie Holmefur. Co-researchers are Gunnel Janeslätt, Kajsa Lidstöm Holmqvist PhD from Mälardalens university, Afsaneh RoshanayPhD, Uppsala university and Patrik Arvidsson PhD from Linköping university, Clinical professor Suzanne White and doctoral student Maria Wingren OT (reg) at Örebro university (18, 19). Within this project is also a study about “Daily time management, organization, parental competence and stress in adults with neurodevelopmental and mental disabilities” including an interview study evaluating outcome in parents with mental disabilities after participating in LGO intervention (20).

Project: Adults with ID and Time
`In control of time – Time Processing Abilities and Daily Time Management in adults with intellectual disabilities’ is a recently started project. The Swedish part of it will evaluate instruments for assessment of time processing ability and daily time management in adults with ID. Funding was granted from Center for Clinical Research in Dalarna, Uppsala University: CKFUU-962831. The aim is to investigate the psychometric properties of the KaTid®-Adult and the Time-S in adults with mild or moderate ID. Gunnel Janeslätt co-operates in this project with researchers in the LGO-research team. Researchers in Netherlands; professor Xavier Moonen, professor Paula von Sterkenburg, Evelien van Wingerden, PhD and doctoral student Deborah van Elst, at  Amsterdam University.

Project: KaTid®-Youth in NL (NLY)
Yet one project in NL is ongoing. Professor Petra Hurks, Christine Resch PhD och Esther Keulers PhD, Researchers at Maastricht University, Netherlands are, in cooperation with Gunnel Janeslätt, KaTid Svenska AB, updating KaTid®-Youth 2.0 to make it fully standardized. With this instrument, research will follow to investigate the time processing ability in typically developing youth and norms for use of the instrument in NL will be established.

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