KaTid® – Training in assessing time processing ability and daily time management

From February 2024, we will be offering the KaTid® training online in English! You can take part from wherever you are!

The training provides you with knowledge about time processing ability, daily time management and KaTid® assessment. When you are a trained KaTid® rater you have the right to use the assessment KaTid® and an opportunity to progress to becoming a certified KaTid® rater.

Target group

Occupational therapists (reg.), speech therapists (reg.), psychologists (reg.) and special teachers who work within Habilitation centers, pediatric clinics, child and adolescent psychiatric care or schools, and professionals working with adults with cognitive disabilities.


To provide occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and special teachers with knowledge about time processing ability and daily time management for using the KaTid® instrument for assessment and as a basis for intervention.


Knowledge on time processing ability and daily time management.
Knowledge on the development of time processing ability in children and adolescents.
Information about the psychometric properties of the material.
Thorough information on the material and assessment criteria.
Connections between the assessment and intervention.
Training in doing assessments.

KaTid training

The KaTid training is done one group at a time. To become a trained Katid rater the training consists of three modules and there is an additional fourth module to become a certified KaTid rater. Each of the first three modules contain lectures online, taken individually and within a set time (usually one week). Each module is finalized with an online group workshop. The first three modules are mandatory to use the assessment KaTid. For the fourth module, see below under Certification.


After the course, you can become a certified KaTid® rater by doing home assignments, including assessments with persons with and without cognitive disabilities.

More information and enroll

If you are interested in taking a course or have any other questions please contact us!